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The production facility tour

How are Russian modern harvesters manufactured?

Now you have an opportunity to learn about it not only from books, but also from your own experience. Rostselmash offers an excursion to the plant of the leading global manufacturer of agricultural equipment.

In the course of the tour you will visit basic production sites, watch metal cutting by means of laser jets, robot welding, conveyed assembly of large units and other processes. Besides, a unique equipment museum is located in the territory of the company, the exhibits of which demonstrate the evolution of harvester manufacturing.


Excursions to Rostselmash take place once a week. 
You will be informed on date and time of the excursion upon submission of the request


  • Excursion participant’s minimum age is 7. Children under 14 are allowed only accompanied by parents or other adult representatives;
  •  Excursions are held for groups of no less than 5 and no more than 25 persons. In case of production schedule change, the excursion may be canceled or postponed;
  • Overall time of an event including excursion and safety briefing is 2.5-3 hours.

For your safety

  • All visitors must have identity documents. Visitors without ID are not allowed;
  • During the tour visitors are required to observe discipline and order within the group and promptly follow recommendations and instructions given by organizers;
  • Taking pictures in the territory of the plant is forbidden, except ones in the company’s museum of equipment;
  • Visitors are required to wear closed-toe shoes with flat soles.

If you want to see the manufacturing process of modern harvesters, visit the very heart of the world’s agricultural engineering and recognize the global value of Rostselmash, we welcome you to take a tour of our company. 
You will be the first to learn about new agricultural machines and have an opportunity to ask any of your questions about the company’s business. 

To sign up for an excursion, you only need to leave your application on the company’s website, or send it
via e-mail