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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get an information on the cost of Rostselmash equipment?

Answer. You have to contact a Rostselmash dealer in your region.

2. How to purchase equipment directly from the plant?

Answer. Rostselmash equipment you can purchase only from official dealers of the company.

3. A dealer could not answer any of my questions, who can help for information?

Answer. All the information regarding equipment purchase is available from the Sales Department of Rostselmash.

4. Where to send a request for spare parts and who can assist for the status of my order?

Answer. To order spare parts for Rostselmash equipment, you must to go to website section “Order Procedures” and register. You can also call the Spare Parts Sales Department of Rostselmash and get professional support.

5. Where to submit proposals for the supply of components and spare parts for Rostselmash equipment?

Answer. All the necessary information can be found on our website in the relevant section.

6. Where to send questions concerning advertising, marketing co-working and public relations?

Answer. You have to contact Rostselmash specialists by the numbers specified in the relevant section of the website.

7. How to invite Rostselmash management to seminars, conferences and other events?

Answer. It is necessary to send an invitation to Rostselmash Administrative Department by any convenient way.

8. How do I become a Rostselmash dealer?

Answer. In order to become a Rostselmash dealer, you need to contact the Regional Development Director of the company. Contact telephone numbers are specified in a relevant section.

9. Where to get information on employment issues in Rostselmash?

Answer. You have to go to the “Career in Company” section on our website and contact the HR Department by any convenient way.