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Original spare parts

все о запасных частях от Ростсельмаш

The high quality of spare parts is key to a long service life of your machine. Genuine spare parts designed by our engineers to proper technologies will optimize the cost
of owning your machines. 100% compatibility of spare parts is a key factor of proper working condition of a machine.

Today, the spares market still remains attractive for suppliers of counterfeit
and generic spare parts of questionable quality. Such vendors are causing problems both for the manufacturers of genuine products and the users. The statistics is unambiguous: generic parts go down in half the time than genuine parts.

оригинальные запчасти сельхозтехники РСМ

One shall not expect savings from purchase of non-genuine parts even
for the machines with a short remaining service life, since the risks of losses due 
to machine breakdown during service outweigh the insignificant profit
from such purchase.

The high quality of genuine parts is ensured by professional engineering, availability
of laser and bending plants, painting lines, etc. The systematic production process
and the quality control starting from raw material incoming control and through assembly and ready product acceptance guarantee reliable operation of machines. 

запчасти от РМС правильный выбор

All branded spare parts are supplied in special packages, facilitating their careful handling, shipment, warehousing and storing, as well as quick identification 
of components according to a drawing number indicated on the package.

Depending on the spare part specifics, we use:

• Cardboard boxes;

• Wooden frames.

The cardboard package for spare parts has a unique appearance; it is sealed
with an adhesive tape with Rostselmash logo; a sticker indicating the part drawing number is attached to it.

Original spare parts

Apart from the packaging, branded products are protected by marking spare parts with a sticker attached directly to the part surface. This sticker is used to identify the component’s source of origin.

Оригинальная этикетка запчастей сельхозтехники

ROSTSELMASH genuine spare part marking with a self-destroying sticker

оригинальные запчасти сельхозтехники РСМ

An agricultural machine is a sophisticated mechanism requiring a serious approach
to its repair and servicing. Opting for counterfeit parts, one risks facing breakdowns during the fieldwork period. Unbranded spare parts cause a significant financial loss
to an agricultural business.  You can purchase genuine ROSTSELMASH spare parts from your regional Official Dealer only. Official Dealer’s professional employees who have undergone training at the ROSTSELMASH headquarters are ready to provide you with all required support (

как выглядит оригинальный счет на запчастиWe are committed to making your machines run trouble-free. However, you can control the spare part origin yourself: 
in ROSTSELMASH Official Dealer’s spare part invoices, each OEM position is marked with «Rostselmash» text. If there is no such text next to the name of the part, know that a non-genuine part
is invoiced.